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Starting January 2020 into 2021, we will be rolling out our first ever project in the Anglican JHS and KG School in Komenda. ​Our team has worked hard to launch four programs to begin impacting lives. 


Within 12 months, we will roll out other initiatives and expand to other schools in underprivileged communities to create change at scale.


Join us on our journey.

Student Aid

This is to support students in purchasing everyday items necessary for them to succeed in school. Items include shoes, backpacks, stationary, textbooks and notebooks.

Career Building & Mentorship

Students will get a chance to meet in person with mentors, as well as have all the financial resources to go on excursions and conferences to learn about different careers. 

Tech Workshop

This will fund the purchase of computers and technology gadgets in schools to teach students the basics of coding, building websites and other technology workshops.

Reading Club

Funds will be used to purchase reading books and literacy improvement resources to better the literacy levels of students.

Design Lab

Through fun activities such as arts and crafts, student will learn design thinking, communication and team building skills to develop their leadership abilities.


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