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Arlokea raises funds for students and Teachers 

We are in collaboration with Arlokea to provide quality education to students in Ghana

Arlokea x The Komenda Project 

20% of proceeds at will be directed towards 

providing school kits to the underprivileged, serving

100 children

& 30 Teachers

at the St.  Michael's & All Angels Anglican Primary School

Through our Student Aid Program, we are collaborating with Arlokea to provide school kits to 100 children and 30 teachers at St.  Michael's & All Angels Anglican Primary School in Komenda, Ghana to support in providing quality education. We are raising $517 to meet this goal through our collaboration with Arlokea. This campaign ends on May 5th, 2021. 

Why do children and teachers at this school need your help?

Upon speaking with students and teachers regarding the issues faced when it came to receiving a quality education, the common ground was the inability to afford basic school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks, and stationery. Although students are able to make it to school, they, however, are unable to complete assignments or participate properly in class due to a lack of school supplies. This has resulted in low literacy levels and poor academic performance. 

What is in a school kit?

Each child receives a school kit that includes pencils, erasers, storybooks, pens, exercise books, notebooks, a mathematical set, and a ruler. Teachers receive chalks, notebooks, and pens. 

How can you help?

From April 5th to May 5th, 20% of purchases made at will be used to purchase school kits for St.  Michael's & All Angels Anglican Primary School in Komenda, Ghana

About Arlokea

Arlokea uses ethical fashion as a means to tackle social issues surrounding health, education, and poverty.

Every time you purchase with Arlokea, not only do you get an ethically-sourced product that you will love, you are also making a commitment to support people working to make a
change in their communities. Shop at to support our Give Back campaign.


Arlokea & The Komenda Project

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