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Students of Komenda


Be the change a child needs today 


We created a holistic approach to solve community problems. All of our programs were created based on design thinking principles and qualitative research in the communities. We embody self sufficiency in our programs to make sure communities are capable of reaching their full potential in the long term.

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Academic and Financial Support

Schools in rural areas are under resourced, lacking the right tools and materials for students to excel in their academics. That is why we created various programs to support their academic performance. With financial and academic support, students can attend after school sessions to improve their English and Math skills, and receive financial aid to pay for various school expenses. We also sponsor classroom materials such as textbooks, reading books and stationary to ensure that students are well equipped to be successful in school.

Career Building and Mentorship

Students who are finally able to get an education end up unemployed after graduation. There is usually no guidance given to them on how to tackle the next stage in life. Under this program, we provide opportunities for these students to acquire the right jobs, which will in turn make them self sufficient. With proper counselling and mentorship, students will learn techniques and methods to land their dream careers and will be connected to career opportunities that they couldn’t have found on their own.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

The goal of this program is to model the tools and culture required to jump start a youths mindset to critical thinking, problem solving, innovation and leadership skills. This program includes tech workshops coupled with innovation challenges, for students to gain exposure on how to make an impact in their communities. Students will learn key topics within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that will enable them to get exposure to lucrative technology industries.

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Having the right frame of mind as a student is important. With our wellness program, students are able to have coping mechanisms set in place to experience a balanced lifestyle. By engaging youth in sports, their academics, self-esteem and confidence are improved. The focus of the wellness program is to promote a psychologically safe environment where students have a strong support system they can depend on.

Design Lab

Youths will be challenged to utilize design thinking principles within their communities to solve problems. The goal of this program is to also challenge them to be creative and to develop a problem solving, team building and leadership mentality. There will be various workshops to add to the experiences of the youth, such as building a bridge with paper and creating other objects to enrich their learning.

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