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Give Hope this Christmas

Back to School Fundraiser

Our Holiday fundraiser will provide quality education to students who are in need of educational materials to receive a quality education in Ghana. 

We have a goal of raising $2,000. This can provide educational items such as desks, textbooks, and stationery to 130 students. We are counting on your generous support to reach our goal!

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About the School

 About School 

The St. Michael’s & All Angels Anglican Primary School is a public school located in rural Komenda, Ghana. The school is currently comprised of 731 students and 30 teachers.

The Need

Imagine going to school and not having the means to purchase a book, stationery or even have the chance to flip through a story book? Even so, the school asks you to purchase a desk before starting school due to insufficient school funds. 

Your teacher gives you homework assignments, and you’re unable to complete them because you don’t have the resources to get them done?

This is  what many students in Komenda, Ghana currently face..

Although students are able to make it to school, they are unable to complete assignments or participate properly in class due to a lack of school materials. Parents are discouraged from sending their children to school  due to costs that they cannot afford and would rather ask them to sell on the streets or in the market. This has resulted in very low literacy levels and poor academic performance.


When you donate to The Komenda Project, 100% of the proceeds go directly to purchasing school kits for students in need. Your support goes a long way! Just $32 can purchase a kit for 4 students. You can help purchase school kits by clicking here.


Each desk costs $17 if you would like to also sponsor a class for desks.

Fundraising Team


Sharon French


Leticia Kwok


Chinwe Onwubolu


Chinwe Onwubolu

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