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a life today.


Almost 90% of all young people live in developing countries


621 million young people do not have access to education, employment or training


In the next decade, 1 billion young people face a future of unemployment

Continue reading to find out how we are helping children and youth escape the poverty cycle

What now?
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Children in Komenda

About The Komenda Project

The Komenda Project is focused on education and mentorship to create long-term change in underprivileged communities.

Our Vision is to empower and enable underprivileged children and youth to make sustainable change in their communities. We’ll do this by:

  • Introducing innovative educational, support, and mentorship programs

  • Providing access to financial and training resources that will enable individuals to reach their full potential

  • Creating the foundation for our programming in Komenda and adapting the model based on the needs of other underprivileged communities

Our Unique Approach 

The Komenda Project is unique because the driving force is creating long-term sustainable solutions to poverty alleviation. We believe that poverty alleviation starts with economic empowerment. In addressing the root cause of poverty, we are able to design programs that create long-lasting change in underprivileged communities, breaking the poverty cycle.

Our Goals


Connecting disadvantaged youth

to opportunities 


Promoting innovative mindsets through our programs


Using STEM education as a tool to empower the youth


Building leadership skills for youth to become the next change agents 


Providing financial support for schools and students in poor communities 


Promoting wellness to create a strong support system for youth 

Long term

Long Term Impact

Create opportunities for job creation through entrepreneurship training

Establish accelerator and entrepreneur training to mentor entrepreneurs in underdeveloped communities 

Provide scholarships for certifications and post-secondary education 

Innovation competitions to jump-start the problem-solving mentality of youth

Job placements for students in rural communities

Interested in gving back to youth and children in underprivileged commuities? Click here to donate.

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