a life today.


75 million young people are trained but do not have access to jobs


621 million young people do not have access to education, employment or training


In the next decade, 1 billion young people face a future of unemployment


Almost 90% of all young people live in developing countries

Our Unique Approach 

The Komenda Project is unique because the driving force is sustainability. We are not focused on the short term results, but focus on long term impact to pave the way for self sufficiency.  We strongly believe that a systems thinking approach is needed to solve social and economic issues, and we are here to make this happen.

About The Komenda Project

The Komenda Project is a social innovation project, aimed at instilling positive sustainable socio economic change, with an intent to impact the lives of the people in Africa. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where underprivileged children and youth are able to thrive and unlock their full potential.


We are achieving this by introducing innovative programs in communities to enable youth become change agents and live a sustainable lifestyle. In doing this, we are preparing the next generation youth and children for a successful future where societal inequalities are eliminated. 


Our Goals

We are unlocking the potential of youth and children in underprivileged communities


Connecting disadvantaged youth

to opportunities 


Promoting innovative mindsets through our programs


Using STEM education as a tool to empower the youth


Building leadership skills for youth to become the next change agents 


Providing financial support for schools and students in poor communities 


Promoting wellness to create a strong support system for youth 


Long Term Impact

  •  Create opportunities for job creation through entrepreneurship training

  • Establish accelerator and entrepreneur training to mentor entrepreneurs in underdeveloped communities 

  • Provide scholarships for certifications and post secondary education 

  • Innovation competitions to jump start the problem solving mentality of youth

  • Job placements for students in rural communities 


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The Komenda Project is an incorporated non-for-profit organization in Canada under the business registration number 747370534RC0001

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